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Welcome to our new site!

Last time I updated our web site was in 2006! Yikes... it's one of those things I kept meaning to do, but everytime I sat down to do it I just didn't want to tackle the job.

I liked the look of our old web site, but the way the page was built made it really tough to update without breaking it. So now that I'm finally breaking down and doing something about it, I'm replacing the entire site with a content management system that will make updating the site much more simple.

I will be working on the site for a while I'm sure before I'm happy with it, so expect to see changes coming.

I hope you enjoy the photo slideshow on this page, I've got so many photos I've taken over the years! And among those thousands of photos there are some pretty good ones. Out of those I hope to find quite a few that can be cropped down to the format required for this page. Right now, some of the photos I've used aren't the best, but as the number grows I'll go back and weed out some of the ones that I don't like as much. Unfortunately I've got many photos that I really like, that simply can't be cropped down to fit in this format... so I will be adding those to the "Photos" page, where they can be displayed full frame.

Well I hope you enjoy the new site, and will come back to see the changes I make.

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